Ohio EdChoice Scholarships

The 2018-2019 EdChoice Scholarship window is currently closed (April 30, 2018). The window will re-open for qualified applicants from July 1-31, 2018.

The 2018-2019 school year application window for the EdChocie Expansion Scholarship (based on need rather than assigned school) is closed (April 30, 2018) and will not re-open.

Students who have applied and have been accepted to Bethlehem Christian Academy may be able to apply for an EdChoice Scholarship to cover the full cost of tuition. 

The Educational Choice Scholarship Program (Ohio EdChoice) provides scholarships to students who attend consistently underperforming public schools.

Eligibility is determined by attendance and/or assignment to a public school building that has been rated in “academic emergency” or placed on "academic watch" for two of the past three years.

Click here for the list of EdChoice designated schools in Cuyahoga County

The following students are eligible to apply for an EdChoice scholarship:

  • Students currently enrolled in and attending an EdChoice-designated public school;

  • Students enrolled in a community school who would otherwise be assigned to one of the EdChoice designated public schools; or

  • Students currently enrolled in a regular public school or community school in their resident district who would be assigned to attend one of the EdChoice-designated public schools for the upcoming school year.

Please note: 
Home-schooled students are not eligible for EdChoice. Students currently attending a private school without an EdChoice scholarship are not eligible for EdChoice for the next school year.

Students who are currently attending a private school with an EdChoice scholarship may continue to renew their scholarship yearly through the 12th grade. 

How to Apply for an EdChoice Scholarship

How to Renew an EdChoice Scholarship

For more information about the Ohio EdChoice Scholarship program,

visit the Ohio Department of Education web site

 or contact the Bethlehem Chrsitan Academy office:

phone: 216-292-4685

email: info@bethlehembaptist.org

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